Proof Reading

One of my favorite ways to support others’ writing is to proof read, and I am very happy to be able to extend this service to researchers, educators and students in 2018.

My specialty areas include educational material up to professional academic level (humanities, arts, business and law disciplines).

In the interests of maintaining academic integrity, 
I do not check facts, apply publisher style guides, ghost-write or re-write work. 

My current rate is $2 AUD per 100 words of text, reviewed for spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation, taking care to respect the author’s ‘voice’ and mindful of readability for the author’s intended audience. Please state your intended audience and whether you prefer US or Australian language conventions.

Please provide your manuscript in Word format. I make all necessary minor edits using Track Changes in MS Word so that you can choose to accept or reject  each change.  Proof reading is the last stage in copy preparation, so it is assumed that all editing has been completed by the time I receive your manuscript.  However, if warranted, editorial queries or feedback may be included in Comment bubbles within the document and/or noted in the return/invoice email.

Fees are invoiced upon return of the work (or in 20,000 word instalments for long manuscripts), payable via PayPal within 7 days of invoicing.

Bookings are essential. 

Depending on bookings, turnaround is generally 2 days for short works (<1,000 words), 1 week for medium works (<10,000 words), and priority return of long manuscripts (>10,000 words) is also negotiable.  Word count is calculated automatically by MS Word.

No-risk introductory offer for new clients with long manuscripts:  You are welcome to submit a sample of 1,000 words from the middle of your work, which I will proofread for free.   If you are satisfied with my work, and subsequently submit your full manuscript, I will deduct the 1,000 words from the billable word count.

To inquire or make a booking, please scroll down to the Comments section or use the site’s Contact form.

Best regards,

Kerri sign-off

Dr Kerri O’Donnell
Australian Business Number: 42 055 175 291

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