How does this work?


Who is Nerdy Swot?

I am Dr Kerri O’Donnell.  My background can be generally categorized as being in entertainment and business and education, but I have many interests.  I’m a proud learner, and I will be one forever.  You can read about me by hovering over my picture in the side-bar of the pages in this site, or by visiting my LinkedIn or personal blog pages.  After 25 years in universities, it’s time for me to pay it forward and help others.

But I am not the only Nerdy Swot.  Maybe you’re one too.  Or maybe you’d like to be.  This site is for all of us.

I hope that we will build a community here, together, that is inclusive, celebratory and useful.

How Nerdy Swot’s activities are funded

In 2017, I exited the world of tenured academia to focus on writing, and the main focus of that writing is the How to be a Nerdy Swot book, which is planned for publication in 2019.  There are several follow-up books in the planning pipeline too.

This means that the first book, and this site, are not funded by an academic (or other) salary. Nor will they be funded by grants or crowd funding because, as a business academic, I am determined that Nerdy Swot will walk the talk to demonstrate that creative and genuine pursuits can be commercially self-sufficient, ethical and sustainable.

To that end, I have set up an income stream for the sole purpose of helping to cover the cost of running the Nerdy Swot website.  It’s relevant to the project, easily integrated into the activities I had already planned to do, and the content I had already planned to create.

I want people to love Nerdy Swot, and everything it stands for.

The swag is original and exclusive to Nerdy Swot. I designed it at a time when I was thinking about ‘owning it’ and being proud to identify as someone who loves to learn.

Our drop-ship supplier (Teespring) handles secure payments, has expert manufacturing and delivery systems, and provides great customer support.  Some people have complained on social media about plagiarized designs on Teespring, but that’s the fault of some unethical individual vendors; not Teespring. So that you know what’s-swot, check out the Nerdy Swot swag gallery.  If you like, you can read more about Teespring under the product information on the store site.

There are heaps more designs on the drawing board,
so stay tuned for new releases!

Nerdy Swot swag will help Nerdy Swot grow, so if you like it, get into it!

NS Teespring storefront

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