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Music Theory

‘Open Music Theory’ is an open-source online text book, published by Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing, under editors Robin Wharton and Kris Shaffer

The site includes sections on:

  • Fundamentals
  • Harmony
  • Form
  • Post-tonal music
  • Pop/rock music
  • Technology

Click here to check out the full Table of Contents.

“… most of the pages in this textbook do not read like a typical twentieth-century textbook. They are somewhere in between prosy lecture notes and reference material, with minimal graphical or audio examples. Also, unlike many resources for “flipped” classes, there are few resources in this textbook where the core information is presented in video.

We made these decisions consciously, so that this would not simply be a multimedia, web-based version of an industrial-era textbook. Rather, we wanted to create a textbook that could serve as a quick reference in the context of active musical engagement.”

Check it out at



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